Gomi to Gomi

10 km - 100 m ascent, 150 m descent
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The walk will start in the small village of Eftagomi. This area is where the mountain range gets lower and closer to the Mediterranean. From Eftagomi the narrow dirt road trail leads west over the ridge with the view of the sea in the north and the olive orchards in the south. This area is famous for singing wild birds. After passing through the olive orchards we will enter the Buyukkonuk (Gomi) village. There is a nice family in the village where guests are shown how to make their own Cypriot village bread, cook in the traditional oven and have a traditional meal afterwards.

Other Tours
Kormacit 10 km - negligible ascent and descent

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Orchid Walk 7 km

The orchid walk is on the northern slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains. As we walk through the Mediterranean pine forest we can see up to 8 different species of orchids among the undergrowth of the forest. During the right season, naked-man orchid (Orchis italica) grows in very pretty groups. The walk a...

Alsancak – Karmi 7,5 km - 200 m ascent, 50 m descent

From the village of Alsancak we will start the walk near the historic “Old Milos” cafe. Nearby is the abandoned church of St. George. The trail is in the form of a narrow dirt road on the 300 m contour of the mountain overlooking the north coast. It is possible to see the spring flowers and orch...